Social Media and Event Planning

Last week we talked about how Social Media could help your business grow by implementing pull marketing using popular sites. Well this week we will discuss one important and very helpful social media platform for any kind of events. As many of you know by now, Pinterest is a social media page known as “The World’s Catalog of Ideas” that lets you “pin” and create “pinboards” of your interest. Whether it is a cooking board, exercise, places to visit, craft, hair and fashion, and many others, Pinterest is taking control of the process of event planning by suggesting ideas and also describing how to do certain decorations, food recipes, and so on.

Pinterest is a free website that requires registration in order to use it. The way it works is simple, its users can upload, save, sort, and manage images (pin) even videos in different categories or concepts (pinboards). The best way to describe Pinterest is as a personalized media platform in which users can borrow and give out “secrets” for fashion, exercises, recipes, health, and more. Pinterest also includes standard social networking features and many of the items have a description or hyperlink on how to buy or create it.  Just like many other social media pages Pinterest have profiles and followers that will connect through “like”, private messages, or by “pinning” one of your boards.

Now, when it comes to event planning Pinterest has it all! From baby showers, bridal showers, wedding, proposals, engagement, gender reveal, holidays celebration and much more. Pinterest gives you the option to look for ideas to make that special day even more special without a minimum stress level. I recently got engaged and in two weeks will be married and yes you guess right! I did my whole engagement photos and dinner, wedding shower, and wedding using Pinterest! Wedding planners are a little if not too expensive nowadays to have, and let’s face it; do you really get what you dreamed of your entire life? Not always. Even though you might be suggesting the décor and floral arrangements for your special day, it does not come the way you imagine simple because it can be more objective to people’s perspective, at the end of the day we are all different.

Do not get me wrong here; I know many that had a beautiful wedding guided by a planner but also from others who didn’t have that much luck. Bottom line, if you are a control freak like me and cannot allow anybody to do the things for you Pinterest is your best bet!

Feel free to follow my Pinterest page and use it as your bookmarking tool for event planning ideas!




10 thoughts on “Social Media and Event Planning

  1. Massiel,

    Great post! You did a great job relating your line of work with a popular social media platform. Event planning is incredibly popular and it is definitely something that requires great visuals in order for customers to fully grasp great products for their event planning needs. Now what interests me is your idea that Pinterest is an effective enough platform to replace professional event planners. As amazing as social media platforms are, I can’t see them replacing actual people. This year I gave Pinterest a shot, mostly posting and pinning things that interest me (Photography, architecture, advertising) but never got that into it simply because it is not as effective with connecting people as other applications are. I was thrilled to see that you incorporated Pinterest in you blog because I think it is an application that deserves attention. Since you have a lot of experience with Pinterest, I’d love to see a post with your thoughts on how Pinterest can cater more to men, seeing that the social media platform caters to and attracts much more women than the opposite sex.

    Keep up the good posts!

    All the best,

    Theo (@Theo_Inc)

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  2. Massiel,
    I also share a love for Pinterest! And have every event planned with a theme ready to go for my future! 🙂 My boyfriend teases me sometimes that our wedding won’t even need a planner, although he is teasing, he brings up a good point, this application is easing the process…but at one point will it eliminate the need altogether for a wedding planner?

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    1. Hi Lindsay thank you for your feedback and you know since I been doing it everything myself I feel that I can answer your question. Even though it has helped me to put everything together; I still needed to hire a wedding planner for the “day of” the wedding due to the fact that me being the bride could not really decorated it myself. I do have to say that planning this event using Pinterest had save me a lot of money! Wedding planners if hired from day one can be a little expensive TRUST ME ☺️


  3. Hi Massiel,

    As you have noticed from my blog, I myself am a huge Pinterest fan! Most users don’t fully understand all of the benefits that Pinterest really has. It is crazy to me that I could pin or save something and someone I have never met can pin the same pin and vice versa. When I used to think of event planning, I would think of meeting with different vendors. Now when I think of planning an event I think of “what can I find on Pinterest and plan myself”. The convenience of being able to open up an application and essentially plan an event is amazing. Especially for those planning weddings like you mention. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog! 🙂

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  4. Massiel,

    I definitely enjoyed this post. It was very informative, not often do I feel that Pinterest is a target social media for men. However I learned some things here, it’s good to see how it truly helps in the event planning aspect. I am curious to see how Pinterest can be used to further other industries, I wonder if it has any use for the Entertainment industry too.

    Great post, I definitely learned another side of Pinterest I had no idea about.

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    1. Thank you very much! That’s a good point you make right here. It will be interesting to see how Pinterest can be used in a larger platform like the Entertainment Industries! You sparkle my curiosity and I’ll make sure I do some research on this 🙂


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